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emergent solutions
for people & planet

We bring emergent technology
and sustainability solutions to market

Risks and opportunities don't exist in siloes and neither should your market entry or campaign strategy. ​


Our collective expertise in strategic communications, public policy, international relations and risk advisory makes us the ideal partner in ensuring your engagements with stakeholders are measurable, mutually-reinforcing and have lasting impact. 

Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach

Issues and opportunities concerning emergent solutions are complex, nuanced and interconnected. ​

We adopt a programmatic approach that integrates communication, policy, and risk strategies from inception to execution. We do not pursue one-off engagements as they rarely move the needle. 


Our team has extensive expertise across the services we offer, but we view these capabilities not as standalone solutions but as strategic tools in achieving the overarching objectives we set with you. 

This approach defines our consulting ethos - the emergent difference.

Our services

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Natasha Gray

Managing Director

Natasha Gray is a seasoned APAC public affairs professional with over a decade of focused expertise in bringing emergent solutions to market.

In 2011, she began her career in public affairs consulting with a focus on aviation and consumer electronics. In 2017, she moved to Shenzhen to build DJI's enterprise communications capabilities, and later led their international communications team overseeing consumer and enterprise product launches, drone security and safety policy advocacy, and issues management during the height of the US-China trade war. In 2022, she joined Meta's public policy team to deliver programs and research that scale the use of immersive technologies in health and education across the region.

Natasha holds a Master's degree in International Affairs from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore.

Natasha Gray
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The inspiration behind emergent

Emergence is defined as "what occurs when a complex entity has properties or behaviours that its parts do not have on their own, and emerge only when they interact in a wider whole."

We view the relationship between new and disruptive solutions with society through this lens. Each interaction is unique, complex, and can result in innumerable outcomes - including unintended consequences.


This is why emergent does not offer standard off-the-shelf solutions. To achieve an outcome that is positive and lasting, the engagement between the emergent solution and the public needs to be nuanced, measured and mutually-reinforcing.


We deliver emergent solutions for people and planet. 

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